Plano Dog Groomers

Looking for someone that will love and pamper your pet at the same time? Welcome to Plano Dog Groomers, where we also offer mobile grooming!

Based in Plano, TX, we have coordinated a team of professional groomers who can help with all of your dog grooming needs! We have hand-selected each and every one of our professionals, not only for their abilities, but also for their love of dogs. In other words, our groomers aren’t just in it for the money – they’re in it because they love what they do! 

And because they are passionate about what they do, you can rest assured that our dog loving team will provide you and your dog with the gentle compassion, dignity, and value you deserve each and every time you bring them in for a grooming service.

What types of grooming services do we offer?

Like humans, we believe that pets feel better when they look better. Sure, they don’t often look at themselves in the mirror, but we promise you that they can tell the difference between matted fur and perfect fur. That’s why we offer a variety of fine-tuned services to help your dog look and feel their best. We offer:

Haircuts: Our groomers use only the highest quality steel combs and high end blades to help cut your dog’s fur. Whether you just want a regular trim, a full out shave, or a unique design, our groomers do it all.

Bathing: Regular bathing of your dog is important because it helps to keep their skin and coat clean and healthy. Not only that, but a regular bathing can help to prevent unpleasant odors that can accumulate over time due to dirt.

Ear cleaning: Like people, dogs can build up wax in their ears. However, the wax in a dog’s ears actually builds up faster. Regular ear cleanings can help to release wax and debris from the ear canal, which can further prevent infections.

Nail Trimming and Filing: Nail trimmings aren’t just important for keeping your furniture and floors free of scratches, they’re also important for your dog’s comfort. This is because when your dog’s nails are so long that they are touching the floor, they push back into the nail bed. In return, this creates pressure and pain for your dog. Regular nail trimmings can prevent this pain, keeping your dog comfortable when they walk.

Anal Gland Expression: The anal glands of a dog can sometimes carry fluid that needs to be emptied. If your dog licks or chews his behind frequently, it might mean they are in need of an anal gland expression. This isn’t a pretty job, but our professional canine groomers are up for the task!

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many services that we offer. If you don’t see the service you are looking for here, chances are that we still offer it. Just give us a call to find out how we can help you!

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What type of Dogs do we Service?

Here at Plano Dog Groomers, we service all types of dogs. Whether your dog is young or old, puppy or adult, big or small, or even special needs, we never turn down a dog. At our grooming service, we have professional staff that is equipped and experienced in dealing with excited dogs, nervous dogs, and even anxious dogs. As expert canine professionals, we respect each dog’s individual and unique personality, and ensure that they are comfortable in our care every step of the way. The only request that we make is that your dog is completely vaccinated with up to date shots before you bring them in. Some illnesses like Bordetella (kennel cough) are extremely contagious. This can not only ensure their health, but also the health of all other dogs coming in to be groomed.

Do we Offer Packages?

Of course we do! At Plano Dog Groomers, we offer each of our services individually, or in grouped packages. Our professionals recognize that no two dogs have the same needs. In return, we offer a variety of different packages to choose from. Whether you want a full grooming service, just a bathing, brush, and nail clipping, or additional services like teeth and gum cleaning, we have something to match the needs of every dog. And if you can’t find a package that suits your needs? Then we offer individual services as well. Things like shampooing, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc. can all be purchased individually if that’s all you require that day. Give us a call for a quote!

P.S. We Are Mobile!

Yep! We are also a mobile service! That’s right – we can be your dog’s spa on wheels, and we will bring our dog grooming mobile services directly to your door! No longer do you have to load your dog into the car and drive long distances to have them groomed. Just give us a call, and we will come directly to you. Curious to learn more about our mobile spa? Our doggie spa on wheels comes completely equipped with its own water and power supply, and requires absolutely no hookups on your end. The spa is completely contained and is equipped with all of the highest quality equipment and products to give your dog the same treatment that they would get in a non-mobile spa. Of course, the spa is climate controlled, and is always in ready condition when we pick up your pooch.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are passionate about our jobs
  • We use only the highest quality products and equipment
  • We offer mobile services and can come directly to your doorstep
  • We offer a variety of customized packages, or individualized services
  • We take care to make sure your dog is comfortable throughout each step of the grooming process.
  • We accept and love canines of all kinds!

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to speak with one of our professional dog groomers.