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We believe that your dog deserves to be treated like the prince or princess that they are. That’s why we offer our completely full grooming package and grooming kit. With a full body grooming service, your dog gets a head to toe makeover that will make them look and feel their best. No longer do you have to pick and choose which services you want – because we’ve put them all together in one package! Call us for pricing!

Here’s what you get when you order the full grooming package:

Bathing/Shampooing/Blowout: Though each dog is different, it’s recommended that you bathe your dog at least once every 3 months. Depending on the personality of your dog, bathing can be a fun time or an extremely stressful time. Here at Plano Mobile Dog Groomers, we can take the stress out of bathing for you. We use only the highest quality, most gentle of shampoos that won’t dry out your dog’s skin. Then, once fully bathed, we provide them with a complete blowout to send them home with fur that is soft and smooth.

Brush out: Once your dog has been shampooed and dried, then it’s time for the brushy brush. Brush outs can help to keep your dog’s coat smooth and soft, while at the same time helping to remove any leftover knots or tangles in their fur.

Nail trim: Long nails can make your dog uncomfortable, or even cause them long-term pain. Unfortunately, not all dogs love having their nails trimmed, and some can become very anxious at the sight of a trimmer. Our professionals have worked with many anxious dogs, and will provide them with the tender love and care that they need to get through the nail trimming process without stress and fear.

Ear cleaning: Earwax builds up quickly in dogs’ ears, and if not dealt with promptly, can lead to infection. At Plano Mobile Dog Groomers, we can help pluck the earwax out in a way that is comfortable for your dog, and gentle on their ears.

Teeth brushing: Everyone needs a good tooth brushing now and then and we can provide that service for your dog. We know how to be gentle and use the right supplies!

Anal Gland Expression: Anal Gland Expression is a job that no one wants to do, but one that our team of dog grooming professionals are ready to tackle. They involve removing fluids from your dog’s rear, which they can sometime be incapable of doing themselves.

In addition to the services offered in our full grooming packages, you can also choose additional add-ons. At Plano Dog Groomers, we don’t place limitations on the care of your dog. If you need it, we will do it with love! Our goal is to make your dog the happiest, healthiest, and cleanest they have ever felt.

And don’t forget – we can be MOBILE! That means that we can bring all of our full grooming packages directly to your door. In our doggy mobile, we have access to clean water, space, and all of the equipment and products that we need to pamper your pooch directly outside of your door.

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